Natural, Organic, and Gluten-Free Brands

(Not all brand items fall into all categories)

Remember: everyone’s taste buds are not the same, but the quality of these brands is very good

Brand Products
Amy’s Frozen and canned – meals, soups, vegetables
Annie’s Boxed goods and condiments
Applegate Farms Meats – lunch, hot dogs, bacons
Arrowhead Mills Baking goods (flours, mixes, etc.)
Back To Nature Snacks, cereals
Bionaturae Pasta
Blackwing Meats (local) Frozen organic meat
Blue Diamond Natural Snacks
Bob’s Red Mill Baking goods (flours, mixes, etc.)
Cascadian Farm Frozen fruits and vegetables, cereals
Celifibr Bouillon cubes
Daiya Dairy-free cheeses and dairy products
EarthBound Farm Fresh fruits and vegetables
Ener-G Snacks and baking goods
EnviroKidz Cereals and snacks
Frontier Extracts (vanilla, almond, etc.)
Full Circle All types of pre-made foods – cereals, sauces, vegetables etc.
Garden of Eatin Snacks
Glutano Pasta, cookies, breadsticks
Hain Condiments (ketchup, mayo, etc.) and oils
Horizon Organics Cheeses and butter
Imagine Soups
Kinnikinnick Breads, pizza crusts, crackers – pre-made frozen and mixes
Lundberg Rice (plain and package mixes), snacks
Michael Season’s Snacks
Mrs. Leeper’s Box dinners and pasta
Muir Glen Condiments, canned goods
Organic Valley Milk, cheese, butter
Oskri Fruit and nut based snack bars
Pacific Natural Foods  Soups
Pastariso  Boxed pasta with cheese sauce
Robert’s American Gormet Snacks
Schär Cookies, crackers, breadsticks, etc.
Simply Organic Seasonings
Smart Balance Margarine, peanut butter
Smart Chicken Sausages (i.e. Italian or bratwurst) and chicken
Spectrum Naturals Condiments, oils, vinegar, etc.
Stevita Stevia sweetener – liquid and powder (herbal sugar replacement)
Stoneyfield Farms Yogurt
Terra Snacks
The Spice Hunter Seasonings
Traditional Medicinals Teas
Tropical Traditions Coconut based products (flour, oil, etc.)
Wholesome! Syrups (agave, honey, etc.)