A natural way to balance the body’s chemistry is the use of nutrition and herbal remedies. Everything the body involves a chemical reaction. Food (macronutrients) as well as vitamins and minerals (micronutrients) provide the body with the raw materials needed for theses chemical reactions to occur. Therefore, poor nutrition as well as incomplete digestion and absorption of food, can cause chemical imbalances and even disease.

Specialized Health Appraisal and Nutrition Questionnaires

The clinical implementation of wide variety of questionnaires and surveys allow us to develop and more comprehensive understanding of your condition and actual needs. Your thoughtful completion of our questionnaires will increase accuracy of our data collection. This translates into both improved care and financial savings for you.  fish oil

 Functional Lab Assessments

Because of the uniqueness of each individual’s body chemistry and metabolism, we prefer to make out prescription for health based on individualized assessments therefore we have established a panel of functional lab tests to pinpoint your specific needs.

Functional Health Report

Studies show health issues stem from biochemical imbalances. In fact, each “disease” is really a specific pattern of biochemical imbalances. Your Functional Health Report works by analyzing results from your lab data. It identifies your body’s unique biochemical patterns and makes specific, scientifically based recommendations. So you can: understand your nutritional deficiencies and which supplement could help you, save time and money by purchasing only what your body needs, and enjoy peace of mind that you are not accidentally harming yourself. Every recommendation is based on your body’s unique biochemistry and sourced from published medical research.

Nutritional Response Testing (NRT)

NRT uses an arm strength test to analyze body reflex points that correlate with the organ functions that control performance, health, healing and recovery.

Nutritional Supplementation

Personalized nutritional supplementation is essential in supporting organ function, accelerating healing and maintaining optimal health.

Additional Resources

Dr. Ratio has compiled a list of trusted natural, organic, and gluten-free brands that he recommends. He also has prepared an anti-inflammatory diet, which you can find here. Additionally, feel free to take a look at these recipes, all of which have a gluten- or dairy-free option.