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Is Fasting Good for You?

Fasting—the practice of abstaining from foods during specific times of the year or in connection with specific events—has been a part of many religions and cultures for millennia. In this day and age, though, dramatically decreasing your caloric intake may also seem...

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Overuse Injuries in Young Athletes

There’s a curious dynamic at work in youth sports these days. Maybe you’ve noticed? On the one hand, public health officials are worried about a broad decline in team sport participation among children. According to a recent survey, the number of kids between the ages...

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The Cost of Getting Lean

Taming Your Body Fat Keeping your body fat within a normal range gets harder as the years go on. But, with a few relatively small, easy-to-implement changes, and assuming there are no other factors involved (such as a chronic health problem), if you make a few small...

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