Don’t have insurance? Have a high deductable? Are your benefits running out? Do you have an HMO that restricts which doctors you see? We’ve got a solution.


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Dr. Ratio has signed up with Preferred Chiropractic Doctor in order to save you over 50% off non-insured rates. PCD allows our clinic to offer you an affordable approach to well-being.

PCD is similar to Costco or Sam’s Club in the way that you pay a yearly membership fee of $37, which covers you and your family. Each routine visit* is reduced to $45 from our non-insured cost of up to $110.

Family members can benefit from your PCD membership, too. It costs nothing to add on your partner, spouse, or dependents. In fact, your family members’ routine visit* can be reduced to the PCD Family Rate of just $25.

If you have any questions about PCD or would like to join, please contact our office today.

(Routine visits are defined as a chiropractic adjustment, including soft tissue work; or acupuncture; or rehabilitation; or a nutritional evaluation.)