meditation-childMeditation is well known for reducing stress and helping with concentration in adults, but did you know that children also receive benefits?

Benefits of Meditation

A study published in the Journal of Pediatric Nursing found that children who meditated had a decrease in social anxiety and depression. It also had the benefit of reducing aggression. This can help in daily life to allow children better coping skills and interpersonal skills.

Another study published in Mindfulness found that meditation can help children with ADHD. By increasing their focus, children who meditate do better on math problems. This study also shows a link between ADHD and meditation. In both adults and children, meditation helped increase impulse control.

How to Help Your Child Become Mindful

You can help your child meditate. Youtube has plenty of meditations for you and your children for all aspects of life, from sleeplessness to anxiety, mindfulness to well-being. Plus, the visuals are very kid-friendly, which will help introduce meditation in a fun way. Another way to meditate with your children is outlined in this article from the New York Times. It illustrates three different meditation practices to do in your own home or on the go.

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