Here is a quick and easy breakfast that will put you in the direction toward improving your overall body composition (i.e. lower body fat and maintain/increase lean body mass).

This meal choice does not stimulate a large release of insulin, thereby preventing the effects of the increased triggering of insulin (i.e. increase fat formation and inflammation). Secondly, the foots that are included may improve the body’s ability to utilize insulin. Both chia and flax, rich in omega-3 oils, are foods that tend to improve insulin use.

With the suggestions provided, this meal is dairy-free, gluten-free, and vegan.

Ingredients to make one serving:

8 oz. Water; Soy, Rice, or Almond Milk
1 scoop Protein Powder (Preferably a dairy-free choice like *Pea Protein Isolate)
1 scoop Fiber (i.e. *Herbulk or *Metafiber) -optional
1 scoop *Power Greens -optional
1 tsp. Flax Seed Oil, Ground Flax Seed, or Chia Seeds
4 oz. Fruit (fresh or frozen)
1/4 Banana (to sweeten)

Making a Smoothie:

Substitute part of the liquid with ice cubes or frozen fruit in place of fresh fruit. Blend.

Suggestions for Fruit:

1/2 cup of fresh or frozen berries (my favorite is mixed berries)

1/2 cup of fresh or frozen peach or pear slices (or a combination of both)

1/2 cup of fresh or frozen apricot halves

Please note:

If mixed with Herbulk, the drink should be consumed immediately after preparing as the fiber causes it to thicken.

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